Our first BCS Richmond Hill Educational Outing:

Our first outing was to a big vegetable garden planted by Bennett & Sissy Dixon, parents of Brooke Dixon-Meeks (one of our many talented Behavior Assistants). They invited us to come dig potatoes and see what was growing.

We learned that some vegetables grow under ground; some grow on bushes; and some vegetables are way teller than us! We discovered that when fruit is ripe it is very sweet and when fruit is not ripe it can be very sour!

We practiced gently petting Peteie, the friendly Jack-Russell-Terrier. Then we showed off some skills by taking off our shoes and washing our hands to go inside and have a snack.

Growing vegetables is hard work but picking and eating them is lots of fun!
Thank you, to Mr. & Mrs. Dixon for helping us learn all about how food grows!