It’s Important to Listen

Submitted By: Chelsea Silva

It’s Important to Listen!


Children with autism often have a difficult time attending to the words given by other people. They can be distracted by other noises in the room which makes it difficult for them to follow the instructions given by another person. Parents or caregivers who are giving listener instructions may have to compete with the inner thoughts of the child.

Children on the spectrum are taught listening skills in ABA based upon the VB-MAPP created by Mark Sundberg. Children can acquire listening skills based upon their atypical developing peers. We teach basic skills and then can move to more complex skills. Simple task of touching an item or finding an item to more complex of three step directives. When giving a directive to a child always be sure to connect the act with the demand, follow through with prompting the child with the correct response.

Teaching listening skills opens doors for the child with autism, such as being able to attend in school, attend to peers, and engage in conversation as active listeners. Listening skills are important in communication and in relationships. Teaching active listening skills to your child will help to benefit them in the long run and help them to be more successful in social and communication areas.