What is Autism

Childhood Autism

Autism is a developmental brain disorder that affects normal brain functions. This neurological condition affects a person’s reasoning, social skills and communication skills. The condition becomes apparent during the first 3 years of a child’s life. Because areas of the brain have difficulties working together, children with autism will have challenges in relating and communicating with others. Those afflicted with the disorder may still be able to reach their full potential with an early diagnosis and effective treatment.

CausesScientists believe that several genes fail to relate to one another at birth. Genetics, birth infections and lack of oxygen during birth have been linked to possible reasons a child may have autism. Other theories are that a disruption of early brain development in the mother’s womb may be the cause. While there are no definite causes, more research needs to be explored to understand the condition.Symptoms of autism may include:*Lack of eye contact
*Unmotivated tantrums
*Insensitivity to pain
*Repetition of words and phrases
*Abnormal communication skills
*Resistance to change in daily routines
*Delay in verbal communication, or completely non-verbalTreatment

Children afflicted with autism will require special behavioral therapies. Positive reinforcement will be a very effective tool in teaching children how to communicate with others and adapt to social situations. Speech therapy and physical therapy will be quite beneficial to help with verbal and motor skills. The earlier the treatment begins the better and faster the child will be able to adapt to their surroundings. Medication may also be effective in treating obsessive-compulsive behaviors. It is important to tailor a child’s symptoms with the best and most effective treatments. Find the best way to manage and treat your child’s specific symptoms.

Family support

It is crucial that family members are educated and involved in understanding the needs of an autistic child. It can be a devastating condition to manage for a family and may cause stress and frustration. Families may need therapy and counseling in an effort to help themselves and the child adapt and function more effectively. Take advantage of organizations and other resources available where you reside.

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